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Hidden Symmetry is a crossover mix of smooth jazz, jazz-rock-fusion & symphonic music written, produced by Carl Eichman. Carl hails from St. Clair Shores, MI, studied guitar & french horn along with composition, scoring & big band jazz performance.
At 18 he started performing professionally at clubs around the Detroit area later touring as guitarist & arranger in top booked acts around the U.S. & Canada.

Carl Eichman
Carl Eichman

Carl’s writing style incorporates an eclectic blend of genres including smooth jazz, funk, fusion, rock, pop & symphonic music.
In 2001 Carl started writing, recording & releasing his self produced material online under the band name Hidden Symmetry. Many of his projects feature internet collaborations with artists & musicians worldwide.

Span By Hidden Symmetry

2/17/2021 my third album within 10 months during this coronavirus pandemic. SPAN features 10 instrumental tracks. The songs are a mix of smooth jazz, funk & fusion music. Get it HERE

Some Days by Hidden Symmetry
Some Days

4/10/2020 Some Days album released. CD, mp3’s, streaming available. Recorded & mixed starting in February 2020 into March during the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak. The internet collaborated music project was released in April 2020 & features smooth, jazz-rock & fusion music. Available HERE

Passenger by Hidden Symmetry

11/6/2020 Passenger album released, mp3 & streaming available. This album features 10 songs ranging from jazz, new-age & symphonic music. Available HERE

Temporal Affairs album
Temporal Affairs

4/28/2021 Temporal Affairs rock-pop. Remix & the 4th album release during the ’20-’21 coronavirus pandemic. Now available on all major streaming music services such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple iTunes.