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Hidden Symmetry music
Welcome to Hidden Symmetry music -
Carl Eichman

Hidden Symmetry is music written by Carl Eichman.

In 2001 Carl started recording & releasing his self produced material online under the band name Hidden Symmetry. The music is a blend of genres including smooth jazz, fusion, rock, pop & symphonic.

Many of his projects feature internet collaborations with artists & musicians worldwide.

Nine Plus One album
Nine Plus One

New release 3/8/2022  Nine Plus One Light jazz, smooth, jazz-fusion.

10 tracks of newly recorded material. Now available on all major music streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal & iTunes. An audio cd will be available in mid March, 2022.

Internet collaborated tracks by Bill Lawrence, Brandon Meeks, Giuseppe Zanca, Nicola Polidori, Luca Dechert, Jason Meekins, Gernot Dechert, Luca Cacucciolo, Paul Callander

Press Release

Span By Hidden Symmetry

2/17/2021 SPAN, the third album within 10 months during the coronavirus pandemic. The album features 10 instrumental tracks, a mix of smooth jazz, funk & fusion music. Get it HERE

Some Days by Hidden Symmetry
Some Days

4/10/2020 Some Days album released. CD, mp3’s, streaming available. Recorded & mixed February / March 2020 during the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak. The internet collaborated music project was released in April 2020 & features smooth, jazz-rock & fusion music. Available HERE

Passenger by Hidden Symmetry

11/6/2020 Passenger album released, mp3 & streaming available. Written. recorded in 2005. This album features 10 tracks ranging from jazz, new-age & symphonic music. Available HERE

Temporal Affairs album
Temporal Affairs

4/28/2021 Temporal Affairs I wrote & recorded these rock/ pop tunes back in 2004.


Something About the Sun

8/1/2003 Something About The Sun… instrumental jazz-fusion. I wrote & recorded these tunes around 1999-2002.One of my early internet collaborated projects.