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Nine Plus One

Nine Plus One album

Nine Plus One: March 2022 10 tracks, instrumental light jazz, smooth jazz, funk & fusion.

1 Duck Duck Goose
2 Metro Beach
3 Come To Think Of It
4 Behind The Why
5 Monkey Wards Glide
6 Side Pocket
7 Inside Tip
8 Fading Within
9 Day Stream
10 Nine Plus One

Internet collaborations featuring-
Bill Lawrence U.S.A. 1,5,7,9,10
Brandon Meeks U.S.A. 3,6
Giuseppe Zanca Italy 2,4,8
Luca Dechert Germany 1,2,6,10
Jason Meekins U.S.A. 4,5,8,9
Nicola Polidori Italy 3,7
Sax: Gernot Dechert Germany
Trumpet: Paul Callander Canada 7
Keyboards: Luca Cacucciolo Italy 2,3,5
Guitar, keys: Carl Eichman U.S.A.

All songs written, produced, mixed / mastered
©2021, 2022 Carl Eichman (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved