Some Days

Some Days: released 4/10/2020 Recorded, mixed during the 2019–20 Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, the songs range in styles including crossover smooth jazz & fusion.

1-Going Through It
2-Isolation Groove
3-Some Days
4-The Distance Between Us
5-Mangata Mood
6-Scrapbook Sky
7-Tune In Tomorrow
8-Rosa’s Song
9-Gift of Faith
10-Better Days Ahead

Features internet collaborations performed & recorded by:
Maurizio Antonini drums: all except May12
Gernot Dechert: saxes
Bill Lawrence bass: 1,2,3,5,7,9,10
Kyle Whitlock keyboards: 1,3,4,5,10
Melisa Dopazo bass: 6,8
Brandon Meeks bass: 4
Luca Cacucciolo keyboards: 2,8
Daniele Raciti gtr solo: 3,6,7
Marco Piazzolla gtr solo: 5
Álvaro Soto Gutiérrez gtr solo: 4
Luckers trumpet: 6

All songs written, produced, mixed, mastered ©2020 Carl Eichman: guitars, keyboards
All Rights Reserved (ASCAP)